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PCS-9799S Station Manager
  • The PCS-9799S Station Manager is designed for the highest standards of performance, safety and reliability to meet requirements of a complex substation communication system. It serves as a station level gateway, which collects, processes and stores signals of relays, measurement units, control units and other IEDs in substation, and transfers them to higher-level systems such as remote control centre and distributed control system.

    The PCS-9799S supports numerous common protocols in electric power and industrial industries, such as IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-101/104, IEC 60870-5-103, Modbus, DNP3, etc. Data can be extracted from various IEDs and transferred to higher-level systems. The transparent transmission and the device independent operating mode avoid any interaction or influence with the substation SCADA system or other control systems. Furthermore, with the processing capability, the PCS-9799S can run as a programmable signal platform for a flexible and versatile signal processing and logic operations.

  • Functions Features Monitoring Communication

    l   Data collection

    This device supports numerous protocols to extract data from a variety of automation components and devices, such as relays, controllers, sensors, and meters. Via various interfaces, including RS-232/422/485, binary inputs and Ethernet.

    l   Data processing

    With the help of the PCS-Studio configuration tool, collected data can be programmed and mapped in a graphical visual mode.

    The signal synthesis function is supported. Logical and mathematic operation of data such as AND, OR, NOT, XOR, +, -, × and ÷ can be proceeded internally.

    l   Data transmission

    This device converts data to the required protocol and securely transfers it to remote management systems.

    l   Dual device redundant operating mode

    The switching between the active and standby states of dual device is a dynamic process, and the redundant strategy will make comprehensive judgment and switch automatically according to the current working condition of the dual device system, such as the panel handling state, heartbeat message, device start-up time, locking signal, etc.

    l   Excellent performance for a wide range of applications

    Ø  High performance hardware architecture of 4GB RAM and 240GB SSD storage memory for historical data

    Ø  Dual device redundant operating mode

    Ø  Double redundancy technology of power supply based on load balance is adopted and both integrated power supply modules work independently

    l   Optimal and robust design for a maintenance free operation

    Ø  Fully closed housing makes the best possible protection against dust and high electromagnetic compatibility, which is extremely ideal for reliable operation in industrial environment.

    Ø  Air cooling architecture is adopted to avoid wearing part and vibration.

    Ø  Non-rotating storage is adopted to avoid vibration.

    l   Low engineering and operating costs

    Ø  Simple integration into substation automation system using flexible input and output interfaces guarantees a fast and efficient engineering.

    Ø  The data model transmission between substation and remote control centre is unified by using SCD file.

    Ø  Signal synthesis function is supported with the help of the configuration tool PCS-Studio. Logical and mathematic operation of data such as AND, OR, NOT, XOR, +, -, × and ÷ can be proceed for the transmission to remote control centre.

    Ø  Front LCD screen, navigation keys, programmable function keys and LEDs for preventive maintenance and quick troubleshooting.

    l   Integrated web server for diagnosis via web browser

    Ø  User log in and log out

    Ø  Simulation of Single Line Diagram (SLD)

    Ø  Display of data points and output of commands

    Ø  Display of time, connection- and statistic information

    Ø  Popup of events and reports

    Ø  Simplified maintenance and debugging operation

    Ø  Display of customized chart (column, pie, etc.) and indicator LED arrays based on data storage

    l   Self-diagnostic

    l   Flexibly configurable binary inputs

    l   Event recorder (noumenon) of 1024 change-of-state events, 1024 supervision events, 256 control logs and 1024 device logs

    l   Support of various protocols

    Ø  Modbus TCP (Server & Client)

    Ø  DNP3 (Server & Client)

    Ø  IEC 60870/101/104 (Server & Client)

    Ø  IEC 60870-5-103 (Client)

    Ø  IEC 61850 Ed1 & Ed2 (Server & Client), IEC 61850 client with IEC 62351

    Ø  IEC 62439 Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP)

    Ø  IEC 62439 High-availability Seamless Ring (HSR) Redundancy Protocol

    Ø  IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)

    l   Communication interfaces

    Ø  10Base-T/100Base-TX copper Ethernet ports and 100Base-FX optical Ethernet ports for WAN/LAN communication

    Ø  RS-232/485/422 ports for serial communication

    Ø  RS-485/TTL port to receive and forward clock synchronization signal

    Ø  SFP sockets with LC-type optic connector to receive clock synchronization signal

    Ø  BNC connector of satellite timing signal receiver

    Ø  RJ45 serial debugging port

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