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Metals & Mining
  • NR Electric designs control, automation and management products for severe environmental conditions in metals and mining industries.

  • Protection, Automation & Control Electrical Control & Management Power Quality
    • NR provides comprehensive protection, automation and control solutions for large industrial enterprises including petrochemicals, coal, iron and steel, metallurgy and electrified railway.

    • Uninterrupted power supply is always critical to industrial enterprises and thus highly reliable protection and control is necessary. NR provides the reliable protection and control products for severe environmental conditions in industrial operating environments. The protection and control solution ranges from the auxiliary electrical system of industrial factories to the self-owned power plants and the interconnection substations. The full series of protection and control devices enables reliable protection and control of primary equipment, offering safeguard for operation personnel and primary assets.

    • As well, NR provides the arc protection solution for the distribution busbar and switch cabinet applications, used to prevent short circuit by arc light. The integrated unique sensor technology can help to fast locate arc short circuit and the device can quickly trip the fault circuit to minimize harms caused by arc light.

    • NR’s industrial automation solution consists of a system automation that is applicable to industrial power systems, and the industrial-class devices. The automation solution provides fast and real-time control and monitoring of electrical power systems in different industrial fields.

    NR’s PCS-9000 Industry Energy Management System (IEMS) offers comprehensive monitoring and management for industrial enterprises, from generation, transmission, to consumption during the production process. The system integrates scattered data acquisition, energy dispatching optimization, centralized management of energy supply and demand balance, real-time forecasting and analysis of energy, onsite training simulation and basic energy management for dispatchers. The PCS-9000 is an effective solution to help industrial customers lower energy consumption, optimize energy management and improve efficiency and safety of energy system.

    • The operation of power rectifiers, arc furnaces and mill machines requires large amount of reactive power and this may result in power quality issues of connected distribution networks. Thus electrical systems of industrial enterprises are subject to a wide variety of power quality problems which can interrupt production processes, affect sensitive equipment, and cause downtime, scrap, and capacity losses.

    • NR Electric offers comprehensive solutions backed by our leading technology and NR’s team of experts. We can partner with you to identify the best approach to solve your power quality problem, design and deliver a solution that will exceed your expectations.

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