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PCS-8813CPB High voltage directly connected energy storage system
  • NR's PCS-8813 high-voltage AC direct-mount energy storage system employs modular cascaded multilevel voltage source converter technology. Each phase of ABC three-phase consists of N power units in series, which change the DC voltage of the energy storage battery into AC voltage, and can be directly connected to the high-voltage power grid without a transformer. PCS-8813 integrates the energy storage "4S" integration scheme. The complete system also includes an AC short circuit device, isolation/grounding switch, lightning arrester, current transformer, connecting reactor, charging current limiting resistor, resistance bypass switch, converter, and other primary equipment.

    • Applicable voltage level: 6-35KV

    • Unit capacity: 25MW/50MWH

  • High integration High efficiency and low losses Safe and reliable Grid friendly
    • Integrated with EMS, PCS, BMS

    • Support industry and electrical standard communication interfaces

    • Integration arrangement of battery/BMS/PCS and filter

    • Standard storage container for primary AC output, separate cooling and fire protection system

    • Cascaded multi-level topology, low IGBT switching losses

    • PCS efficiency > 98%

    • Maximum system efficiency > 90%

    • Multi-level SOC balancing control, high uniformity

    • No parallel connection of battery clusters , no circulating current , small short-circuit current

    • >10% redundancy design, fast isolation of single module fault

    • High uniformity of liquid-cooled battery (temperature difference <3℃)

    • Directly integrated into the high-voltage grid, better transient grid support

    • Integrated with synchronous condenser function, simultaneous support frequency and voltage

    • Fast response, less than 5ms

    • Single unit with large capacity, avoid parallel connection of multiple small PCSs, superior transient coordination performance

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