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PCS-8811CB Centralized energy storage system
  • The PCS-8811 low-voltage centralized energy storage system developed by NR integrates the energy storage "4S" integration scheme, the converter and booster chamber integrate outdoor cabinet type PCS and box type transformer, the battery compartment supports air and liquid cooling. Capacity and box specifications can be customized according to project requirements.

    Applicable voltage level: 6-35KV

    Unit capacity: 2.5MW/5MWH, 3.5MW/6.9MWH

  • Safe and reliable High efficiency and low losses High Integration Power grid friendly
    • Original active safety strategy, composite battery protection criterion

    • Multiple no-dead zone protection design, PCS and BMS millisecond-level fast protection

    • Support module-level fire protection and various fire-fighting media, multi-dimensional fire perception and control system, fast and reliable linkage

    • Adaptive control of battery container air conditioning, system cycle efficiency increased by 1.5%

    • PCS three-level topology, maximum efficiency 99%

    • Integrated PCS, transformers, lithium batteries, communication cabinets, and other core equipment, delivered as a whole

    • Battery container supports back-to-back or walk-in arrangements, with customizable unit power and capacity

    • Various control modes such as PQ and grid-forming, suitable for different application scenarios

    • PCS/BMS all support IEC 61850 protocol and fast communication interface, with millisecond response

    • Support fault recording to facilitate fault analysis and location

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