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PCS-997S Fault Line Locator
  • PCS-997S line fault locator is based on traveling wave fault location method and used for fault location of high voltage AC transmission lines. PCS-997S samples the current traveling wave signal of the fault line, exchanges information with the device on the other side of the line through Ethernet or dedicated fiber. The sampling rate of traveling wave is 2MHz, which enables a high fault location resolution of 75m. PCS-997S supports both single-ended and double-ended traveling wave fault location methods, and the typical fault location accuracy is better than 300m. PCS-997S can monitor four transmission lines with optional analog input modules (1A/5A).

  • Supervision Traveling wave fault location Traveling wave recording Traveling wave sampling Clock synchronization Communication
    • Self diagnostic

    • DC power supply supervision

    • CT circuit supervision

    • Alarm output, including contacts, LED, and IEC 61850 MMS report

    • Event Recorder including 1024 supervision events and 1024 device logs.

    • Supported location methods: Single-ended/double-ended fault location

    • Supported line types: overhead line, cable, hybrid line (overhead and cable line, total 3 segments)

    • Fault location resolution: 75m 

    • Typical location accuracy: 300m

    • Fault location delay: <5s

    • Recording duration: 20ms

    • Maximum number of records: 1024

    • Recording space: 4GB

    • Recording format: Comtrade 1999

    • Multiple recording modes: manual trigger, binary input trigger, current trigger

    • Settable traveling wave trigger threshold: 0.01~5.0A 

    • Maximum number of lines: 4 lines

    • Maximum number of analog channels: 12 channels

    • Nominal frequency (fn): 50Hz, 60Hz

    • Phase rotation: ABC or ACB

    • Rated current (In): 1A/5A (optional)

    • Sampling rate: 2MHz

    • A/D resolution: 14bits

    • Clock synchronization source: IRIG-B, RS-485 DC or optical fiber

    • Clock synchronization accuracy: 0.2μs

    • Time keeping accuracy: 1μs/10min

    • Communication between substations: Ethernet protocol or 2Mbits/s dedicated optical fiber channel

    • Two 10Base-T/100Base-TX copper Ethernet ports

    • Two 100Base-FX optical Ethernet ports

    • Two RS-485 serial ports for communication, the second one can be used as a RS-232 port for printer

    • One RS-485/TTL port for clock synchronization

    • One front RJ-45 port and one rear RJ-45 port for debugging

    • Redundancy protocols PRP, HSR and RSTP

    • Supported protocols: IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 61850, DNP3.0, Modbus

    • Full compatibility between IEC 61850 Edition 1 and Edition 2

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