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PCS-9785 Satellite-Synchronized Clock
  • The PCS-9785 satellite-synchronized clock is usually used in Substation Automation System (SAS) to satisfy the time unifying requirements of protection relay, disturbance fault recorder and other IEDs.

    A set of two PCS-9785 can form the "dual device dual network" redundancy strategy to provide a higher reliable and accuracy clock synchronization system.

  • Features
    • Remote supervision

    This device supports local SCADA and remote control centre communication in using of protocols such as IEC 61850 to realize the device running status supervision.

    • Time service

    This device supports GPS (Global Positioning System) and BDS (BeiDou Navigation Satellite System). In addition, it supports antenna transmission time delay compensation.

    • Signal reception

    This device provides 2 reception channels for IRIG-B signal via its optical port or RS-485/422 port. In addition, it supports link-based reception time delay compensation.

    • High accuracy

    The device accuracy is high in long term. The punctual error is less than 1μs per hour.

    • IEEE 1588 protocol

    This device supports the IEEE 1588 protocol (BC mode and OC mode) for clock synchronization.

    • SNTP/NTP protocol

    This device supports the SNTP/NTP protocol and can work as a network time server.

    • Recording

    Automatically, this device stores all the self-diagnostic record, binary status change and service log in its internal storage.

    • Output clock synchronization signal

    The kinds of output clock synchronization signal is rich, including PPS (Pulse Per Second), PPM (Pulse Per Minute), PPH (Pulse Per Hour), IRIG-B signal, timing message (serial), SNTP/NTP timing message (network), IEEE 1588 signal, etc.

    • Output interface

    Various kinds of output interfaces are provided, including RS-484, RS-232, TTL, dry contact, AC modulation, optic fiber, RJ45, etc.

    • Dual power supplies redundancy

    Dual power supply module is an option. The extra power supply module will be placed at the other side of the device rack and works independently.

    • Double devices redundancy strategy

    Two PCS-9785 can form a "dual source, dual network" clock synchronization system with a interconnection in using of IRIG-B signal.

    • Output interface extension

    The output interface extension is very flexible. In addition, the enormous interfaces are isolated to each other.

    • Human machine interface

    The friendly HMI provides large scale LCD and navigation keypad for the display of real time, satellite tracking status, IRIG-B inputting status, current clock source, etc.

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