A variety of training forms


A range of training courses are customized for clients in accordance with their training requirements. Besides, the training courses will closely follow consumer’s actual demands and be capable to raise clients’ technological level to the largest extent in a short period of time. It not only covers the customized course structure but also provides a comprehensive and clear cut concepts about the course and products for which the client enrolled for.


We always keep the values and necessity of our customers/clients by providing user friendly solutions for better and effective training. NR Training Center also arranges trainings for engineers, to go to on-site training where the clients are belongs to and provide trainings for them so that clients travel expenses can be saved.


Moreover, NR Training Center regularly publicizes the training courses on the website. Clients may customize corresponding training courses based on their own demands and schedules. It covers all sorts of training materials ranging from protection, control, automation and all power electronics based applications.

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