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PCS-9700F Power Forecast System
  • The power forecast system is used to predict the output power of renewable energy power station in an upcoming period. The system computes reliable forecast based on high accurate numerical weather prediction (NWP), with acquired site monitoring data, environment data and historical statistical data through the process of physical model and artificial neural network (ANN) model.

    NR Electric’s PCS-9700F power forecast system consists of two power forecast servers (main/standby), one weather data processor server, one WEB-based engineer workstation, one reverse isolation equipment, and one fire wall.

    Environmental data such as ground radiation intensity, temperature, wind speed, etc;are required for solar power forecast. Therefore, the environmental monitor is provided,and is generally integrated into the solar power forecast supplier.

  • Features
    • Advanced and mature software platform: The power forecast system is based on NR Electric’s SOPHIC platform. 

    • The platform features such virtues as advanced architecture, mature and stable performance and has been applied to a series of national key projects.

    • Advanced forecast algorithm: The physical model and ANN are used for power forecast to ensure forecast accuracy.

    • The power forecast system is isolated from the public internet via reverse isolation device and substation monitoring system via firewall.

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