NR Electric successfully won the bid for DC traction protection of Lijiang Snow mountain rail line 1

Recently, NR successfully won the bid for DC traction protection of Snow mountain rail line 1, the first rail transit line in Lijiang, China.

Lijiang snow mountain rail line 1 is located in Yulong County, south of Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain. It starts from the tourist center station in the South and ends at Yulong Snow Mountain Station in the north, with a total length of 20.5km. It connects the main tourist attractions and passenger flow distribution points such as snow mountain tourist center, Baisha ancient town, Yushui stockade, Dongba valley and Ganhaizi lake service area. It is the backbone channel for Lijiang to vigorously develop tourism rapid rail transit network. After completion, it can greatly alleviate the problem of insufficient transportation capacity and protect the original ecological environment of Lijiang to the maximum extent.

As the core equipment of urban rail transit, the protection of DC traction power supply system is directly related to the driving safety. NR PCS-9683 DC line protection was well approved, and choosed for the DC traction protecton of Lijiang Snow mountain rail line 1.

PCS-9683 has been successfully applied to many medium and low voltage DC key projects such as Suzhou Tongli comprehensive service center, Qitaihe coal mine traction and Jianshan AC-DC hybrid distribution network. In recent years, NR continuous to innovate in the  field of protection for medium and low voltage DC system, and the pioneering  DC network protection scheme has successfully solved the problem of fault location in the medium and low voltage DC distribution network.


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