NR PCS-S protection & control system has been successfully put into operation in Chile power grid

On April 26, 2021, Chile's 220kV Frutillar Norte substation was successfully put into service, marking the successful application of NR PCS-S protection & control system in Chile's national transmission network.

In order to improve the grid topology and optimize the power supply in the south region, Chile transmission company Transelec S.A. plans four new 220kV substations  and one expanded 220kV substation. NR was selected as the supplier of control, protection and automation system for the project group, and PCS-S protection & control system officially shortlisted by Transelec. Frutillar Norte substation is the first commissioned substation in the project group.


In the project, IEC61850 Ed2 PRP redundant networking deployment is implemented. PCS-S line protection successful interconnects with the third-party multiplexing microwave equipment through the international standard protocol. PCS-S series devices are recognized by Transelec for their flexible hardware and software adaptability, fast and reliable protection performance, simple and friendly configuration.

PCS-S protection & control system will greatly improve the safe operation and power supply reliability of southern Chile power grid, and accumulated valuable experience for the implementation and delivery of future projects.



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