NR Electric won the "Application Innovation Award of International Energy Storage Innovation Competition"

On April 14, 2021, the 10th energy storage international summit and exhibition (ESIE 2021), the annual grand meeting of China energy storage alliance, was held in Beijing National Convention Center. Huaneng Mengcheng wind power 40MW / 40MWh energy storage project, NR worked as EPC for this project, won the "Top 10 Energy Storage Application 2021” award.

The international energy storage innovation competition is a large-scale public competition for the authoritative evaluation of energy storage industry in China. The award represents the industry's recognition of the innovative solutions and engineering implementation ability of NR large capacity energy storage power station.

Huaneng Mengcheng wind power 40 MW / 40 MWh energy storage project adopts NR energy storage integrated solution, including Energy Management System (EMS), power management system (PMS), Power Converter System (PCS) and Battery Management System (BMS). It takes the lead in proposing multi-dimensional composite control strategy of steady-state, transient and emergency operation of wind farm and energy storage, realizing multiple functions such as peak load regulation, frequency regulation and emergency power support of power grid.

It’s the first time in the industry to realize centralized primary frequency modulation response, quick battery protection & control of wind farm and energy storage within 30ms. An intelligent optimization algorithm based on the difference between wind resources and peak valley electricity price is proposed to realize the adaptive compensation of wind farm loss in windless period and improve economic benefits.


Through the comprehensive monitoring of the energy consumption of the main and auxiliary circuit of the energy storage system, the air conditioning adaptive control system considering the battery status is adopted for the first time in the industry, which reduces the energy consumption of the system and improves the comprehensive efficiency of the whole station by 2%.

Since it was put into operation on August 27, 2020, the system has been running stably and reliably with excellent indexes, reaching the application expectation and highly recognized by users. During the Spring Festival in 2021, the system participated in peak load regulation of power grid to effectively relieve the pressure of peak load regulation.

NR energy storage system inherits the profound accumulation of power grid protection & control technology, and has better grid adaptability, faster, more flexible controllability and higher availability. NR will give full play to its advantages in energy storage control, and assist the transformation and development of power system.


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