Donation ceremony of PCS-S demo system in Zambia National Electric Power Training Center

On March 4, the donation ceremony for the demo system of NR Electric new generation PCS-S series  protection products was held in Kafue Gorge, Zambia national electric power training center. Kaela Siame, director of the training center, and 15 engineers attended the event.

At the ceremony Kaela Siame said, the work and study of the engineers had been greatly affected as epidemic was still in the critical period of prevention and control. The arrival of the demo system, a new generation of NR PCS-S protection product, not only brings us new products and technologies, but also creates valuable learning conditions during the epidemic period.

In the future, our two sides should continue to strengthen cooperation in technical training and project practice, constantly improve the skills of engineers.

From 2015 to 2017, NR completed four 330kV hub substation protection & control upgrading projects in Zambia, which ensured the safe and stable transmission of electricity from southern power plant to Northern Copper Belt Province, and played an escort role in Zambia's industrial development. Meanwhile, the ongoing regional stability control project will also provide reliable guarantee for the security and stability of Zambia power grid.

At the critical time of COVID-19 prevention and control, donation of a set of PCS- S Demo system shows NR’s timely support . NR will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "creating value and serving the society" and seek deeper cooperation with Zambia electric power company.



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