The stability control system of Ali power networking project was put into operation by NR

On October 15, 2020, the stability control system of Ali power networking project undertaken by NR was put into operation smoothly. The Ali networking project has realized the interconnection of Ali power grid and central Tibet power grid, fundamentally solved the serious power shortage problem in Ali Region and Western Xigaze. The stability control system of Ali interconnection project is an important system to ensure the safe and stable operation of power grid in Ali Region.


Ali power networking project starts from Duolin 220kV substation in Shigatse City and ends at 220kV BAL substation in Ali area. It is the highest elevation power grid project in the world so far. The total length of the line is 1689km. The average altitude of the tower is 4572m, and the highest altitude is 5357m. It is connected with the main network of central Tibet through 220kV long-distance transmission line, forming a long chain grid structure. The power supply support of interconnection channel is less, the support capacity of receiving end grid and power supply is weak, frequency, voltage, power angle and other problems after transmission channel interruption are faced. Therefore, it is necessary to build a power grid stability control system with higher requirements for its reliability, accuracy and sensitivity. After the power grid fails, according to the operation mode of the power grid, the system can quickly take measures to cut off the generator, load sheding, and line disconnecting, so as to effectively reduce the scope of power outage and ensure the safe and stable operation of the regional power grid. The system takes full account of the characteristics of the weak network structure and the rapid change of operation mode in Ali area. Many adaptive control strategies are added to the stability control strategy to enhance the adaptability of the system.


NR has participated in the different phase of stability control system of central Tibet power grid, including the ± 400 kV Qinghai Tibet DC interconnection project, the Sichuan Tibet  AC interconnection project, , the centreTibet (Lhasa) interconnection project and the Ali interconnection project.  Based on more than 20 years of experience in power grid protection and control, NR will provide more power grids with high-quality and efficient grid stability control system solutions.

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