NR’s Power Conversion System is setting a new record of highest efficiency more than 99.2%

Every 0.1% increase in product efficiency is a huge challenge and progress for the converter industry. The latest 1500V / 1.25MW Power Conversion System launched by NR Electric has achieved a breakthrough in the efficiency of the product by adopting many cutting-edge technologies,such as multi-level IGBT hierarchical parallel connection, IGBT optimized modulation algorithm, high-power density intelligent and efficient air cooling and heat dissipation. Higher Power Conversion System efficiency is helpful to improve the cycle efficiency of energy storage system, which can further reduce the energy storage cost and improve the return on investment.

At present, NR Power Conversion System has been applied to more than 100 energy storage projects in more than ten countries in the world with the adaptability of variety of energy storage components, advanced control strategy, flexible communication interface, convenient operation & maintenance and high reliability. The latest high efficiency 1500V / 1.25MW Power Conversion System will further promote the application of energy storage system and create greater value for customers.


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