1000MW large nuclear brushless exciter protection successfully put into operation by NR

Recently, NR PCS-985 exciter protection has been successfully put into operation in Ningde and Yangjiang 1000MW nuclear power plant , effectively solving the problem of "weak protection" of exciter, which is of great significance for improving the operation reliability of nuclear power equipment.

At present, the excitation system of large-scale nuclear power generators generally adopts brushless excitation mode, which has the problem of weak protection configuration or even no protection. The main difficulty lies in the fact that the rotor armature side is a rotating part, which cannot realize the direct measurement of electrical quantities and the small signal quantity of various fault characteristics of the exciter, so it is difficult to accurately identify. In view of these difficulties, NR Electric PCS-985 exciter protection adopts advanced fault characteristic quantity comparison and identification technology, which realizes real-time on-line monitoring of various faults of exciter stator, rotor and rotating rectifier system, with comprehensive protection logic and strong fault identification ability. With superior practical technology, stable and reliable performance, NR PCS-985 exciter protection has won high recognition from users.

The successful operation of Ningde and Yangjiang 1000MW nuclear exciter protection marks that NR has successfully mastered the fault detection technology of brushless exciter and rotating rectifier system, and has laid a solid foundation for the promotion and application of subsequent nuclear power protection projects.


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