Thyristor Controlled Braking Resistor system has been successfully put into operation by NR

On August 28, 2020, all tests of Guangxi Baise 60MW Thyristor Controlled Braking Resistor (TCBR) supplied by NR Electric were completed and put into commercial operation. The successful operation of the system adds an effective flexible control method for power grid stability control.


Thyristor Controlled Braking Resistor (TCBR), is a kind of power electronic equipment based on FACTs technology. It can participate in power grid steady-state frequency control, transient emergency control, power grid black start and also has the function of suppressing power oscillation. It is an effective means of power grid stability control system to participate in primary frequency regulation by using load characteristics. Compared with traditional mechanical switch switching resistor, electronic load can adjust power smoothly without impact, fast response, high efficiency, long service life, easy maintenance and obvious technical advantages.

This project is the first set of large capacity electronic load equipment based on metal resistance in China, and it is the first time to realize the application of controllable resistor in primary frequency regulation. The system is developed based on the software and hardware platform of DC transmission, covering the functions of monitoring, communication, stability control, protection, power electronic control, etc., to achieve integrated monitoring. The overall dynamic response time of the system is less than 120ms, and the active power control accuracy reaches 0.01MW. The system adopts modular design, easy to expand, and can participate in regional power grid stability control and regulation.

The electronic load system is mainly used to solve the power balance problems of regional weak current network, isolated island power grid, enterprise owned power plant and frequent active power change. NR provides a complete solution of system analysis, scheme design, production, commissioning and operation. The operation of the system will significantly optimize the power grid operation level and improve the operation efficiency of customers. The successful operation of the project has greatly reduced the production loss caused by the power grid stability issue in Baise city, Guangxi province, China.


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