NR Successfully Commissioned Microgrid solution in India

NR is proud to announce the commissioning of India’s first 1MW microgrid at the Central Electronics Limited (CEL) facility in Sahibadad, Uttar Pradesh, India. In over 10 years NR has deployed protection & control solution around and pioneered the development of microgrids solution.

With the booming renewable energy integrated to India's power grid, it is a challenge to keep the stability of the power grid, due to the renewable energy is not as stable as the traditional power supply. This microgrid project features NR’s PCS-9617MG power management system (PMS) & PCS-9700 energy storage system (ESS) at the Central Electronics Limited (CEL) facility. PCS – 9617MG PMS is based on GOOSE communication technology enable accurately control of the power system and PCS – 9700 ESS based on the mature experience for the energy storage system compatible with all kinds of the latest standards in power system.

The Central Electronics Limited microgrid project is a locally controllable power system composed of distributed generation combining solar and diesel gensets alongside energy storage connected to the main grid power system. The commercial and industrial microgrid with NR energy storage system can work both in on-grid connected mode for frequency regulation, PV smoothing and peak shaving to curb CEL’s electric bills, and in “islanded” grid forming mode in the case of a grid disturbance.

NR's renewable energy solutions cover solar/wind farm inverter/converter, protection & control system, reactive power compensation, etc. The solution features superb performance, low cost, safety and reliability. NR will fully protect your renewable energy station and make your renewable energy system as effective as possible.

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