NR Delivered World’s First Mobile STATCOM in Saudi Arabia

On June 2nd 2018, NR successfully commissioned two sets of 20Mvar/13.8 kV Mobile Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) in Layla and Summan Area, which is the world’s first energized fully mobile STATCOM.

Due to large amount of induction-motor based air conditioner load the power grid of Saudi Arabian suffers from severe voltage stability and FIDVR issue (fault induced delayed voltage recovery).STATCOM is the most advanced technology to mitigate voltage stability problem. STATCOM will provide dynamic reactive power compensation to stabilize the system voltage and help voltage recovery during and after network fault. Moreover, the new mobile STATCOM which can be fast relocated anywhere in the grid provides more stability, flexibility, resiliency and reliability for the network operation.

NR’s PCS-9583 STATCOM adopts a cascaded scheme of multi-level topology, which consists of several H-bridge sub-modules to achieve a sinusoidal voltage output. The multi-level converter based STATCOM produce extremely low harmonics, which can significantly decrease the harmonic current flowing into the grid and eliminate the need of large sized filter.

NR offers field proven HVDC & FACTS solutions to overcome system stability and  power quality problems in power system. The complete HVDC & FACTS solution, along with high quality equipment, will help increase transfer capacity and ensure stability and quality of your next generation smart grid.

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