NR Powered 30MVar STATCOM Project in Umeme-Uganda

On June 28th, the 30MVar STATCOM PROJECT at 33kV Roofings SUBSTATION OF UMEME LIMITED UGANDA, was successfully put into operation. NR provided customized solutions including power system analysis, primary equipment, protect & control system for this substation.
This 30MVar STATCOM aimed to improve the power quality and voltage stability of this substation. After this STATCOM commissioned in this substation, power quality in this area would be improved effectively.
During the site installation and commissioning, the Umeme user highly appreciated about the superior performance of NR products. The completion of this project marked NR firm step further in Africa. NR would keep on offering excellent power electronic solutions and professional services to our customers.
NR offers field proven HVDC & FACTS solutions to overcome system stability and power quality problems in power system. The complete HVDC & FACTS solution, along with high quality equipment, will help to increase transfer capacity, ensure stability and quality of your next generation smart grid. 

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