NR Powered 500kV Digital Substation in Sichuan, China

On June 9th, 2018, a 500kV digital substation for Bailing transmission and transformation project was successfully put into operation in Liangshan district, Sichuan, China.
The Liangshan substation was the first 500kV digital substation commissioned by NR in Liangshan district. NR provided all around integrated solutions for this substation including intelligent protection measurement & control devices, network switches, protection management system, power stability control system, and the integration of monitoring and control system. The whole process of reverse power transmission operation in this station is controlled by automatic program, which guaranteed successful operations at one time and greatly improve the operational efficiency.
The power supply capacity and reliability of regional power grid have been improved by the operation of this substation, which also provides a firm assurance for delivering the clean energy and have easy access of renewable energy to the main network of power stations in nearby regions. Liangshan state is located in the southwest of China, which is abundant in natural water reserves. The construction of the substation brings bright for 4.15 million people, and it will also transmit sufficient hydroelectric energy to the east of China.

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