NR Powered 500kV Mangkang Substation for Tibet Power Grid

Connecting the center and east Tibet power network in China, the Mangkang substation has successfully operated from 11th August, 2018, as an essential milestone of the first 500kV substation in Tibet power grid.

The Mangkang substation is 4,295 meter above sea level and is the highest altitude 500kV substation in the world. NR provides all around solutions for the substation, including SCADA system, protection & control, measurement devices, stability control devices, switching controller and SVC system.

The Tibetan plateau is known as “Roof of the World”, holds the third largest store of water-ice in the world and is the source of many Asian rivers with more than 1,500 lakes distributed like amber pearls on this plateau. With abundant renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy, Tibet district has the excellent geological conditions for large-scale photovoltaic power stations and wind farms. With the benefit of Tibet network connecting project, rich power capacity will be delivered outside the district and whole power grid will be more sustainable.

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