Tibet's first high-altitude grid-forming energy storage project successfully passes on-site artificial short circuit test

"The artificial short circuit test of grid-forming energy storage for the 50MW PV and  storage project in Suo County, Tibet, achieves a complete success!" At 16:00 on January 26, 2024, the person in charge of the on-site test announced the results of the test, the  first high-altitude grid-forming energy storage provided three times the current during a three-phase short circuit, which effectively enhanced the strength of the system, embodied the characteristics of the voltage source, and successfully verified the active support role of the grid-forming energy storage during the fault of a weak grid at high altitude.


Suoxian project is the first set of grid-forming energy storage system in Tibet, with an altitude of about 4100m, and the transmission line is set up in accordance with a single circuit, and the terrain along the route is dominated by mountainous and alpine mountain ranges, which leads to the local regional grid being at the end of the line, and the grid is relatively weak. After a large number of new photovoltaic power generation equipment installed, the local power grid shows the trend of inertia reduction, system strength becomes weaker, stability problems become more and more serious. In order to solve the problem of grid stability, and effectively protect the residents' production and life with electricity, NR provided the project with 10MW/40MWh grid-forming energy storage system, consisting of 22 sets of energy storage converters with 3 times/10s transient overload support capacity.


NR full set of solutions for this project, including grid-forming Power Conversion System (PCS), Power Management System(PMS) and Energy Management System (EMS). The system can not only realize the peak shaving and valley filling of PV power generation on a long time scale, but also realize the support of grid frequency and voltage in dynamic and transient processes, so as to realize the stable operation of the weak grid with a high proportion of renewable energy.

The on-site tests were carried out on the functionalities of grid tolerance, high and low voltage ride-through, frequency and voltage regulation, inertia support, damping control, phase jumping, and network control, etc. The results of the test showed that all the performance indexes meet the expectation, and it has strong grid adaptability and active support capability. and active support capability.

The successful completion of the artificial short-circuit test of Suo County project has actually verified the ability of grid-forming energy storage to support the stability of grid voltage and frequency. NR will rely on a deep understanding of the new power system with a high proportion of renewable energy, and continue to solve the problems arising from its development with technological innovation, to make more contributions to the enhancement of renewable energy consumption and the stable operation of the power grid.

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