Large-capacity STATCOM was Successfully Commissioned in Zongjiang, Dongguan

On December 26, 2023, two sets of 100Mvar STATCOM installed at 500kV Zongjiang Substation in Dongguan, Guangdong were successfully put into operation, after a comprehensible system commissioning and rigorous testing process that includes 1.5 times overload operation, low voltage ride-through, and redundancy tests. Dongguan region has been facing challenges with intensive loads and notable voltage transient stability issues. The successful commissioning of this project will not only enhance the transient voltage stability and improve the safety margin of the power grid operation in Dongguan, but also create a more favorable operating environment for Chuxiong-Suidong and Xingren-Baoan HVDC system.


NR provided comprehensive equipment solutions for this project, including converter valves, valve cooling, control and protection systems, etc. The control and protection equipment, adopted the advanced NR UAPC3.0 hardware platform, ensures exceptional performance, reliability, and safety for large-capacity STATCOM operating in the power grid.


Zongjiang Project incorporates a comprehensive coordinated control strategy that combines reactive power support and active filtering. This strategy effectively addresses both transient voltage support and steady-state filtering requirements. During transient states, the system can temporarily provide 1.5 times the rated reactive current to support bus voltage and expedite fault voltage recovery. Additionally, the project employs a single line diagram adaptive control strategy to accurately compensate for harmonic currents, considering the complex and variable topology configurations within the station. The control targets for harmonic mitigation can be adjusted based on the specific harmonic conditions of the system, while also balancing  for harmonic voltage and current control. NR's comprehensive equipment solutions have consistently exhibited outstanding performance, reliable redundancy capabilities, and seamless integration with the power grid, which have been highly recognized by customers.


NR has achieved a significant milestone by deploying 35kV/±150Mvar STATCOM with the largest capacity per unit in China at China Southern Power Grid's 500kV Pengcheng Substation and ±800kV UHV Dongfang Converter Station. Following this achievement, the high-capacity STATCOM at 500kV Zongjiang Substation in Dongguan have also been successfully put into operation. This accomplishment demonstrates NR's leadership in large-capacity STATCOM technology and strengthens its global reputation in exceptional technical expertise and reliable delivery capabilities as a world-class provider of flexible AC system solutions. While pursue its goal of "Creat Value and Serve the Society", NR will continue to make significant contributions to the construction of the new generation power systems.

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