The first transmission phase shifter project in China has been successfully put into operation

Recently, the first transmission phase shifter project in China, the Yangzhou 110kV Ping'an Transformer Phase Shifter Demonstration Project, has been successfully completed and put into operation. A bidirectional control "intelligent valve" has been formed on the 110kV connecting line between the two 220kV substations in the main urban area and the eastern urban area of Yangzhou, flexibly "commanding" the transmission of renewable energy generation to the main urban area. It can enhance the on-site consumption capacity of renewable energy in the Baoying area by 100MW, which helps to improve the reliability and stability of the power system.

NR has provided a complete set of equipment for this project, including phase shifter system, split on load tap changer and its protection & control system. The core live switching part of the split type on load tap changer is separated from the transformer, with air insulation and oil-free design, achieving stable operation and transient shift throughout the entire process. This solves the "black box" problem of traditional tap changer without direct electrical quantity monitoring and protection, eliminates the risk of transformer fire caused by tap changer faults, and is suitable for large capacity transformers such as phase-shifting transformers and ultra-high voltage converters frequently adjusted applications.



In recent years, NR has been committed to the development and application of flexible AC transmision equipment, and adheres to technological innovation to create highly reliable and high-quality equipment. After the Nanjing West Ring Network 220kV UPFC project, Sunan 500kV UPFC project, and Huzhou 220kV DPFC project, this project provides a new power flow control solution, providing diversified options for renewabel energy consumption and power supply capacity improvement in the new generation power system.

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