CGN Daishan Wind Farm High Voltage & Capacity HAPF successfully put into operation

Recently, the 35MVA high-voltage active power filter (HAPF) supplied in a complete set by NR was officially put into operation at the 220kV onshore centralized control center of CGN Daishan Wind Farm. The operation of this project has improved the grid connected power quality of Daishan Wind Farm, assisted in better consumption of clean and green energy for offshore wind power, and also marked a significant breakthrough for NR in the field of complex harmonic control of offshore wind.

Offshore wind power has advantages such as high power generation efficiency, no occupation of land resources, and proximity to coastal power load centers. It is of great significance for promoting green and low-carbon development. The total installed capacity of CGN Daishan offshore wind power is 516MW, which is integrated into the Zhejiang power grid through 220kV Changjiao substation and other facilities. However, the capacitive impedance of long-distance submarine cables is prone to resonance with the system, leading to harmonic problems, especially the impedance properties of 5th and 7th harmonics are different, affecting the transmission of offshore wind power.

Zhejiang Grid Company conducted RTDS comparison and testing of solutions from multiple manufacturers at Zhejiang Electric Power Research Institute. NR innovatively proposed a comprehensive harmonic voltage and current control plan, and successfully undertook the CGN Daishan Sea Wind Harmonic Control Project with superior harmonic control simulation test results.


After the operation of CGN Daishan High Capacity HAPF project, under the harmonic current control mode, the 5th and 7th harmonic current suppression ratio of the grid connection point has reached over 95%. Under the comprehensive management mode of harmonic voltage and current, achieving the control of harmonic current at network points below the grid code limit, minimizing harmonic voltage, and achieving comprehensive power quality control of harmonic voltage and current.


NR has been continuously committed to the research and engineering application of flexible AC equipment. The largest single set of STATCOM with a capacity of 35kV/± 150Mvar in China has been put into operation at the 500kV Pengcheng Station and ± 800kV ultra-high voltage Dongfang Converter Station of the Southern Power Grid, continuing to maintain NR's leading position in the industry.

The high-performance HAPF equipment of NR has multiple governance modes such as harmonic current, harmonic voltage, and voltage current integration, with strong applicability. It has been widely applied in fields such as power grid, new energy, rail transit, steel, coal, etc. NR continuously develops and breaks through in the field of power quality management, always providing users with comprehensive high-quality solutions with exquisite technology, reliable products, and first-class services.


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