The world's first high-voltage and high-capacity flexible low-frequency transmission project has been officially put into operation

On June 30, 2023, the launch ceremony of the Hangzhou 220kV Flexible Low Frequency Transmission Demonstration Project of State Grid Zhejiang Power was successfully held at the Tingshan Low Frequency Converter Station, marking the world's highest voltage level and largest transmission capacity flexible low frequency transmission project was officially put into operation.


The Hangzhou Flexible Low Frequency Transmission Demonstration Project is the first attempt to apply flexible low frequency transmission technology to the interconnection of urban regional power grids. While constructing a high flexible power grid in urban areas and ensuring the electricity consumption for the Hangzhou Asian Games, it also provides a reference for the high-voltage and high-capacity offshore wind power transmission plan through flexible low frequency, and has a good demonstration effect. The project has constructed two high-voltage and high-capacity low-frequency converter stations, Tingshan and Zhongbu. Through flexible low-frequency methods, the two major load centers of Fuyang and Xiaoshan in Hangzhou are interconnected, which can achieve flexible power flow in the Fuyang and Shengguang power supply areas of the Hangzhou power grid, greatly improving the reliability of regional power supply. After the project is put into operation, it can provide 300MW of flexible electricity support for the main event venues of the Hangzhou Asian Games, meeting the peak electricity demand during the event period.


As the core supplier of Hangzhou's flexible low-frequency transmission project, NR has provided a complete set of flexible low-frequency control and protection systems, low-frequency AC protection devices, measurement equipment, and other core equipment, as well as a complete set of low-frequency converter valves and other equipment for the Tingshan low-frequency converter station.

Since the establishment of the project, NR has closely cooperated with State Grid Zhejiang Company, starting from theoretical research and combining with actual engineering conditions, carried out a large number of mathematical modeling, theoretical derivation, simulation analysis, and experimental verification.


The flexible low-frequency complete equipment of NR operates stably, successfully passing rigorous assessments such as 300 MW full power test and low-frequency line manual short circuit test, and successfully completing 168 hours of trial operation. The complete equipment of NR has demonstrated excellent protection & control characteristics, precise AC protection response, and friendly grid connection performance.

The smooth operation of the Hangzhou Flexible Low Frequency Transmission Project marks the successful application of the NR Flexible Low Frequency Complete Equipment in the flexible interconnection of regional power grids at both ends, following the successful service of the Taizhou Flexible Low Frequency Transmission Project in 2022 for offshore wind power grid connection. This lays a solid foundation for future participation in the establishment of flexible low frequency power grids and demonstrates NR's technological leadership in the field of flexible transmission and relay protection.

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