NR's largest set of single capacity STATCOM is successfully put into operation

On June 29, 2023, 2 × 150Mvar STATCOM in the Guangdong Shenzhen 500kV Pengcheng substation and 2 × 150Mvar STATCOM in ± 800kV Dongfang Converter Station , which was supplied by NR,were officially put into operation. These series of projects is a key project for Southern Power Grid to prevent system operational risks. It will enhance the transient voltage stability in Shenzhen, increase load margin in Shenzhen, improve the operating environment of Xindong DC and Xing'an DC, and reduce the risk of continuous commutation failure.


The STATCOM delivered by the project has the largest single unit capacity in China, with a capacity of 150Mvar. NR provides complete equipment including converter valves, valve cooling, protection & control systems, etc.

The STATCOM of Dongfang Converter Station has designed an adaptive collaborative control strategy for reactive power and voltage with the DC system, which can automatically adapt to the control mode of the DC system. Propose a steady-state reactive power reserve control mode to enhance transient reactive power output capability, and strengthen support voltage in case of DC commutation failure, thereby reducing the risk of continuous commutation failure. The project also innovatively proposed a coordinated control strategy for reactive power support and active filtering, taking into account the needs of transient voltage support and steady-state filtering. The active filtering function is the first to be implemented in the large capacity STATCOM of the Southern Power Grid, which is technically challenging and effectively reduces the harmonic voltage and current levels of the main network in Shenzhen.


In recent years, NR has been committed to the development and application of flexible AC transmission equipment, and has persisted in research & development investment to create highly reliable and high-quality equipment, which has been unanimously recognized by users. STATCOM products have been installed in more than 20 countries and regions. The widespread application of STATCOM has made the power system more stable and efficient, meeting the development requirements of future power systems dominated by renewable energy. The smooth operation of this project reflects the technical level and delivery ability of NR as an international leading supplier of flexible AC tranmission system solutions. NR will continue to contribute to improving the stability of power system  with innovative technology and high-quality services.

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