The first supercapacitor energy storage system in China has been successfully put into operation

Recently, the 5MW/2min supercapacitor energy storage system of Longbai Group was officially put into operation. It is the first time in China that supercapacitor energy storage has been officially applied in the field of high energy consuming industrial enterprises, and has achieved expected results such as suppressing power fluctuations, stabilizing bus voltage, and reducing the maximum demand for electricity. It has reference significance for the field of industrial enterprises with rapid response to impulsive loads such as smelting.


Figure 1: Operational Effect of Energy Storage System


Figure 2: Interior view of supercapacitor compartment

The Longbai Group's supercapacitor energy storage system is divided into two 2.5MW supercapacitor units, which are connected in parallel to the 35kV busbar of Longbai North Substation. For the first time in China, supercapacitors have been used as energy storage devices, and with the help of advanced control strategies, a 10 second discharge peak shaving has been achieved. By collecting the real-time power of two 35kV high titanium slag furnaces to identify three operating states, it has functions such as automatic control of SOC level, adaptive operation mode automatic switching control strategy, receiving stable control commands for discharge and locking, etc., in order to achieve the effects of suppressing fluctuations, stabilizing bus voltage, and improving power quality. This not only promotes the safety and stability of power grid operation, but also reduces the maximum demand for electricity and saves electricity costs.

The smooth operation of this system not only provides strong support for the innovative development of Longbai Group in the energy field, but also means that the super capacitor energy storage technology has been successfully applied in practice in China, marking the important progress of renewable energy storage, providing a feasible technical means for energy transformation, and providing a useful reference for the promotion of super capacitor energy storage in the power system.


Figure 3. Service personnel debugging energy storage backend

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