Baihetan-Zhejiang ±800kV UHV DC transmission project successfully put into operation

Recently, Baihetan - Zhejiang ± 800kV UHV DC transmission project (referred as "Baizhe project") has been completed, and put into operation.


The BaiZhe Project is a major clean energy project to promote the energy structure adjustment, energy conservation and emission reduction. It shoulders the strategic mission of delivering the power of the world's second largest hydropower station which is Baihetan hydropower station.

The project starts from Jinsha River converter station in Sichuan Province and ends at Qiantang River converter station in Zhejiang Province. It passes through five provinces, with a total length of 2121 km. The Jinsha River bank and the Qiantang River bank, thousands of miles away from the two places is integrated together with the new power giant dragon.


NR has provided core equipment such as DC protection & control, converter valve, measurement, stability control, compressed air foam system (CAFS), intelligent auxiliary control system, AC protection and so on for the Baizhe Project. It has cooperated efficiently in various links such as equipment development, design, production, transportation, installation and commissioning to ensure the smooth operation of the project.

The new generation of DC protection & control system based on the UAPC3.0 platform has been applied for the first time in the UHV project, and the new intelligent auxiliary control system has been deployed and promoted in the UHV converter station for the first time. The response speed, reliability, operation and maintenance intelligence of the protection & control system have been further improved. For the converter valve, the four-layer valve tower structure is newly designed, which greatly reduces the volume and weight of the valve tower on the premise of ensuring the safety of the equipment. At the same time, a number of creative improvements have been made in the aspects of type test scheme, valve tower maintenance, intelligent operation and maintenance of valve control, effectively improving the project implementation efficiency and equipment safety. In terms of stability control, the new generation of PCS-992 stability control system was first applied in the UHV project, and a system scheme of independently configuring stability control equipment for the high and low end power grid at the inverter side was proposed. The software design was optimized according to the DC equipment production timing and system operation mode, realizing the adaptive strategy function, and effectively improving the adaptability and reliability of the stability control system. In terms of CAFS, compressed air foam spray and fire monitor redundancy design are adopted. Meanwhile, device selection is optimized to improve response speed, fire resistance measures are strengthened to improve reliability, and safe operation of converter is ensured.


The smooth operation of the Baizhe project once again reflects the technical advantages of NR's multi-disciplinary integration and the ability to implement major projects with efficient cooperation, and highlights the company's outstanding comprehensive strength in the field of high-end electric equipment. In the future, NR will continue to devote itself to the construction and development of DC transmission and make greater contributions to the optimization of the energy structure and the realization of the green power application worldwide.


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