NR helped the offshore oilfield group power system successfully put into operation

Recently China’s largest offshore oilfield groupusing land grid power supply application project - CNOOC Bozhong-Kenli Oilfield Group Shore Power Application Demonstration Project in the Bohai Sea region was successfully put into operation.


Bozhong Kenli Oilfield shore power project includes onshore 220kV Haiguo switching station, offshore 220kV Haitai electric power platform, 220kV Haimin electric power platform, 220kV Hai'an electric power platform and 110kV Haixiang electric power platform. With the successful power transmission of each substation, it marks that the offshore and onshore backbone parts of Bozhong Kenli shore power project of Bohai Oilfield have been completed as scheduled.


Traditional offshore oil fields mainly use natural gas and crude oil associated with oil field development as fuel for power generation, which not only has low efficiency and high energy consumption, and the stability is far lower than that of the large power grid. After the shore power project is put into operation, compared with the peak year of power generation, the natural gas consumption will be reduced by 1.5 billion m3, the annual energy saving will be nearly 650,000 tons and other standard coals, which is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1 million tons. The successful operation of the project will further change the previous "self-generation mode" of China's offshore oil fields. It is of great strategic significance for China to promote the adjustment of the national energy structure, achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction, promote the green development of offshore oil and gas fields.


As the supplier of the overall secondary system equipment of the shore power project, NR has provided a full set of core equipment such as integrated automation system, dispatching system, centralized control center, protection equipment, safety and stability control system, excitation inrush current suppressor, etc. for the four 220kV substations and one 110kV substation of the project. At the beginning of the project, NR went deep into the unique characteristics of the power grid structure and operation & maintenance of the Bozhong Kenli shore power project, and carried out in-depth relevant system research, simulation calculation and scheme design with CNOOC. As all systems of the offshore electric power platform are in the special offshore environment of high humidity and salinity, all complete sets of equipment provided by NR have passed the acceptance of the classification society of the classification society company, fully meeting the long-term, high requirements and high standards of operation in the offshore environment. NR has assisted the smooth implementation of Bozhong Kenli shore power project with advanced technology, excellent products and professional services, providing strong support for the power network construction of the world's largest offshore oilfield group.


The smooth operation of Bozhong Kenli shore power project shows that as a leading enterprise in the field of power grid security and stability control, NR has made great support and positive contributions to the construction of major power projects in  petrochemical industry. NR will continue to adhere to the corporate culture and work together to build on the past and open up the future, and protect the shore power access of CNOOC offshore oil and gas platforms from safe power supply to digital, unmanned and intelligent development, so as to contribute to promoting the high-quality development of the offshore oil industry and ensuring  energy security.


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