NR DCS first application for hydrogen electric coupling

Recently, the “Lishui Hydro-photovoltaic hydrogen production Biomass Near Zero Carbon Energy Pilot Project " was officially put into operation, which is the first rural hydrogen energy ecological project in China. NR has provided PCS-9150 PRO distributed control system(DCS) for this project, which can carry out the integrated and coordinated control of polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolytic hydrogen production, solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and methanation device, realizing the energy balance of electricity, hydrogen, heat and the safe operation of the whole station.


In this pilot project, technologies such as fuel cell cogeneration, PEM electrolysis hydrogen production, biogas hydrogenation and decarburization are used to achieve hydrogen production from hydropower and photovoltaic, and hydrogen purification biogas is used to synthesize biomass natural gas, so as to realize the mutual conversion of various green energies.

PEM hydrogen production and SOFC are new technologies and processes. DCS has no mature control logic for reference. At the same time, the hydrogen production system also has high requirements on the reliability and rapidity of DCS. In view of the above technical problems, NR conducted multi round system architecture and scheme discussions with customer, and verified the process and key parameters through the in-plant joint commissioning test environment, ensuring the success of the project.


After nearly a month of testing, it finally successfully completed the DCS side joint commissioning of hydrogen generation system, hydrogenation system, fuel cell and methanation, and integrated startup. DCS is stable in operation, flexible in configuration and convenient in use during the implementation of the project, and has been praised by the user.

NR DCS has been widely applied to units of all capacity levels in the thermal power field, and the Lishui Hydrophotovoltaic hydrogen production Biomass Near Zero Carbon Pilot Project is a breakthrough in the new application field of NR DCS system. Hydrogen energy will occupy a very important position in future energy pattern. NR will make use of the technical reserve of multi-specialty integration, deeply cultivate hydrogen related control and protection technologies, give play to the advantages of integrated secondary products, and provide a more stable and reliable overall solution for hydrogen energy secondary integration.


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