NR assisted the back-to-back converter station project in Van, Türkiye to put into operation


On November 1, 2022, the back-to-back converter station project in Van, Türkiye was put into operation 28 days after its trial operation. This project is the first DC transmission project in Türkiye, and its successful completion will significantly enhance the structure and security of Türkiye's domestic power grid.

The back-to-back converter station project, with a rated DC voltage of ± 100 kV and a rated transmission power of 600MW, is designed according to international DC transmission standards and technology. The smooth operation of the project fills the gap of DC transmission technology in Türkiye's power market and makes new contributions to China's DC transmission technology and equipment going global.

NR has provided DC protection & control, AC protection, fault recording, measuring system, phase selection switching device and other core equipment for back-to-back converter station.

During the implementation of the project, in addition to the supply of equipment, NR also took full advantage of its comprehensive expertise and actively cooperated with the owner to solve the overvoltage problem of AC power grids on both sides.

The equipment supplied by NR has passed the verification of on-site long-term live operation, joint commissioning test and trial operation. The system is stable and reliable in operation. Its functional performance meets the requirements of the project. NR has won high praise from the Chinese and Turkish owner.



NR has given full play to its advantages of complete products, excellent quality and professional service, providing strong support for reliable power system. NR will continue to adhere to the corporate purpose, to provide high-quality products and services for users around the world.

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