Successful application of distributed photovoltaic group control device in active distribution network

On August 26, 2022, the distributed photovoltaic (PV) group control device for active distribution network developed by NR, completed the on-site function and performance test in Fujian CATL Industrial Park and was put into operation. The device has functions such as active power control, voltage control, reactive power control, and power factor control etc.

The test results show that the power control response time is less than 5s, the control accuracy can reach 1%, and all performance indicators meet the requirements of the Fujian Province distributed PV regulation and control technical specifications. This successful application has effectively improved the flexibility and controllability of the active distribution network, the rapid adjustment of the power grid and the voltage stability level. It is a beneficial attempt and practice for the large-scale development of distributed PV.


With the rapid development of low-voltage distributed PV, the problems of over-voltage and heavy overload in the distribution network are becoming increasingly prominent. It is important to study the distributed PV group control technology in depth to improve the power grid's ability to connect distributed PV safely.

At present, the distributed PV power stations connected to the medium and low voltage distribution network are small in one station capacity, but large in number. There are higher requirements for the group dispatching and control devices, the convenience of implementation, and the flexibility of control.


Relying on years of research results in the field of renewable energy and active distribution networks, NR has developed a distributed PV group control device based on advance protection and control architecture, which has the characteristics of convenient implementation, flexible expansion and high integration. The device integrates telecontrol communication, communication management, group regulation and control functions, and has constant active and reactive power, voltage, power factor and other control modes. As the aggregation center of regional distributed PV power and voltage regulation, it realizes accurate power control in the region. At the same time, it supports GOOSE communication protocol, which can meet the requirements of fast control such as primary frequency modulation and fast voltage regulation. The application of the device greatly improves the regulation ability of distributed PV, alleviates the problems of peak regulation and voltage over-limits caused by the large-scale development of distributed PV, and ensures the safe & reliable operation of the advance power system.

As a leading enterprise in the field of power system protection & control, NR has long been committed to the research & development of overall solutions and related products for the protection & control system of active distribution networks. It has a complete series of products and overall solutions in the fields of rapid protection and self-healing of distribution networks, integrated collaborative control of transmission and distribution power grids, cloud management edge optimization and control, regional autonomous control and so on. NR will keep to more contribution for the development of the advance power system.


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