NR Indonesia subsidiary accomplished Local Content Level certification

In July 2022, PT. NR Electric Jakarta (NR Jakarta) accomplished Local Content Level (TKDN) certification for the products of  Control Relay Panel and Substation Automation System. It is a milestone for NR’s transformation to be a reputable local manufacturer in Indonesia.

PT. NR Electric Jakarta  is NR’s subsidiary company in Indonesia. Since its establishment in 2012, NR Jakarta has implemented the localization strategy and continued to provide high-quality products and services to Indonesian customers. After more than ten years development, NR Jakarta has established a localized professional team mainly composed of local employees, established a complete local technical service, local engineering design, and local production and commissioning capabilities.


Tingkat Komponen Dalam Negeri (TKDN) is the official certification endorsed by the Indonesian government to verify the number of domestic components in goods, services, and a combination of goods and services. The national electricity power company PLN requires TKDN certification in tenders for the procurement of goods and services, following the Regulation of the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia . Meanwhile, manufacturers of Substation Automation System (SAS) and Relay & Protection system must have a local workshop and configure a professional team mainly composed of local engineers to encourage the development of local industries.

The TKDN verification covers the whole manufacturing process including material procurement, local labor management, and product design. NR Jakarta team worked with the audit team professionally and efficiently during the verification, efficient completion of the relevant evaluation process. The TKDN certification for the products of Control Relay Panel and Substation Automation System, which are the major products of NR Jakarta, has been officially issued on 8th July 2022.

The main products of NR Jakata have passed the local manufacturing certification, which is an important milestone in NR's continuous efforts to fulfill its long-term commitment to local customers and achieve localized production and delivery. As a leading manufacturer in the field of relay protection and substation automation, NR will continue to improve localized delivery capability, delivery quality and customer satisfaction, and continue to contribute to the development of Indonesia's power system.


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