SVC with the largest single station capacity in the world was successfully put into operation

On July 15, 2022, the ± 360MVar Static Var Compensation (SVC) system supplied by NR, successfully completed various system tests and 72 hour trial operation in the 750kV Shazhou substation in Dunhuang, Gansu Province, and was officially put into operation.

The SVC phase II project completed this time, together with the SVC phase I supplied by NR and the controllable shunt reactance(CSR), forms the Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)  with the largest single station regulation capacity in the world, which has the dynamic reactive power regulation capacity of -1500MVar~720MVar.


Shazhou station SVC

750kV Shazhou substation is one of the important hub substations of the northwest second channel transmission system. The installation of large-capacity and high-performance dynamic reactive power compensation equipment in the substation plays an important role in stabilizing the voltage and transmission power of the northwest second channel system.

NR has overcome the key technology of high-performance coordinated control of high-capacity SVC, realized the efficient collaborative operation between the two sets of SVC equipment in phase II and the two sets of SVC equipment in phase I, and effectively improved the operation efficiency of multiple SVC equipment through dynamic balanced output. The SVC and CSR decoup  ling control in the station are implemented to realize the combination of reactive power grading and continuous regulation, further enhance the dynamic reactive power support capacity of the northwest second channels transmision system.

The Shazhou SVC was successfully put into operation, providing reliable voltage support for the renewable energy grade connectionof the northwest area, which improved the regional renewable consumption ability.

NR is a leading supplier of FACTS equipment in the world. So far, it has excellent performance in leading the industry, such as SVC equipment with the highest altitude in the world, dynamic reactive power compensation equipment with the largest single station capacity in the world, the world's first set of flexible low-frequency transmission system and the first set of unified power flow controller in China. NR continues to refresh and make breakthroughs in the field of FACTS technology, and continues to use advanced technology, reliable products and excellentservices provide customer with all-round high-quality solutions.

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