Deviation of Power Frequency Component

According to the superposition principle, current voltage can be decomposed into two parts when the power system has a short circuit fault. First part is the current voltage value of the pre-fault load state. In the second part, the electric potential of the power source is zero, and the current voltage value in the fault state is calculated in the opposite direction. Power frequency deviation refers to the second part of the electrical component, reflecting the ability of this instrument that allows the transition resistance. This will also effectively prevent relay acting beyond the protection zone through contralateral transition resistance short-circuit caused by power supply side.

NR confirmed with core principle "Deviation of Power Frequency Component ", as well as the number of proprietary technology, including new oscillation atresia with completely independent intellectual property, developed on the basis of a series of relay protection products with better accuracy and reliability than similar products from other companies.

Devices developed on the "deviation of power frequency component•" have been sold to more than 90 countries and regions and made great contributions to the world’s power stability. 

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