Unified Power Flow Controller

Unified power flow controller (UPFC) adapt power accurately for AC transmission lines, improving the controllability of transmission line, system stability and oscillation control capability, which can make full use of transmission capacity, reduce the overload, improve transmission efficient; economic and social benefits are significant.

Unified trend controller series side of the transformer installed in one or more back into transmission lines, by changing the injection equipment series was charged with the line voltage, real-time adjustment was charged with trend line, optimize the trend of the distribution of the transmission system, reduce power transmission bottleneck caused by partial section of tide is overweight.

NR develope PCS - 8200 unified power flow controller which equipped with MMC voltage source inverter. It is suitable for 110 kV and above transmission system, satisfied the demand of multi transmission lines application, implementation of transmission optimization, reactive power compensation, improve the stability of power system. We provide PCS - 8200 series equipment, including modular multilevel converter, thyristor bypass switch, electronic measurement, transformer, transformers in series and parallel side, bypass switch in parallel, UPFC control devices and PCS - 9525 protection system as well.


NR Xihuan UPFC project, has been successfully applied in Nanjing, marks NR owns the capacity of design, overall supply and delivery for UPFC. Becoming the world's first 3rd generation flexible AC equipment manufacturers, NR deliver UPFC series key equipment: control protection, converter valve, thyristor bypass switch, water cooling system, high-speed measurement with completely intellectual property, taking a leading role in flexible AC transmission field.

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