Direct Current Breaker

VSC - HVDC is an effective method to solve the problem of grid - connected and energy absorptive. The high voltage DC circuit breaker is one of the key equipment, safe and reliable operation of VSC - HVDC system has a very important role. Cut - off DC current in high voltage condition within limit time is a worldwide challenge that has puzzled experts for years.

NR creatively put forward a complete independent intellectual property rights of high pressure mixed topology structure of DC circuit breaker. We make breakthrough in IGBT heavy current cut-off valve group, ultra-high speed breaking mechanical switch, energy supply in high voltage state. The test scheme of high voltage DC circuit breaker is put forward, which can comprehensively evaluate the various kinds of electric, magnetic, thermal and mechanical stresses in the actual working conditions of DC circuit breakers. NR developed the world's first 500 kV DC circuit breaker, breaking current up to 25kA operated within 3ms, and optimized on the performance and cost, promoting the engineering application of high voltage circuit breaker. 

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