The Second Integration Solution of Power Grid

The overall solution of the second integration consists of three core concepts:

♦ In the dispatch center, achieving integration of the majors among secondary systems and the comprehensive sharing of information and the integrated intelligent application of smart grid is gradually realized.

♦ In power plant and substation, achieved standardization construction of secondary equipment in plant terminal devices and promoted information sharing of professional equipments such as monitoring, protection and measurement.

♦ Between dispatch centers, achieving multi-level coordination and information of power grid scheduling.

♦ Realize the d efficient transmission and hierarchical distributed application of multi-professional information between the dispatch and plant stations

♦ Between factory stations, promoting the intelligence of the basic operation information interaction.

According to China power grid automation system dispersion, diversity, functional repetition and resource waste and cannot meet the needs of the modern power grid operation reality, NR put forward integration technology solutions since 2008. From the perspective of the overall optimization of power grid implementation power dispatch, transport, protection, measurement and other professional technology integration; in addition, form the perspective of reliable power supply with the whole process of monitoring, based on security, economy, high quality, environmental protection and comprehensive multi-objective optimal control decision.

This solution has been applied in several provinces in China, realized power secondary system optimize allocation of resources, data sharing, approved the control accuracy and optimize dispatch decision of power enterprise.

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