Based on the booming load of power grid, expanding of transmission lines, the emergence of AC/DC grid, the security and stability problem increasingly prominent. NR has developed a series of products based on ‘three – defense – line’ theory to prevent blackouts and even paralysis of major grid, to ensure the safe and stable operation of power system.

1st Defense Line: Protective Relay,Clear Fault Quickly and Accurately

Quickly and accurately isolate faulty element, make system disturbance minimum, it is the most important measures to ensure power safety and stability.

2nd Defense Line: Power Stability Control System, Generator Rejection or Load Shedding to Keep Power System Stable

Take remedial measurements (generator rejection or load shedding) to prevent power system from loss of stability based on event – response philosophy.

3rd Defense Line: Out – of – step Relay and Frequency/Voltage Control, Separate Power Grid and Keep Self – balance

Execute deliberate separation, load – shedding or generator rejection to prevent blackouts in case of out – of – step oscillation, abnormality of frequency or voltage.

Three lines of defense have effectively diminished the power outage in power grid.

  • NR Protective Relay: Clear Fault Quickly and Accurately

  • NR's PSCS: Generator Rejection or Load Shedding to Keep Power System Stable

  • NR's step protection and F/V devices: Separate Power Grid, Keep Self – balance, Decrease blackouts area.

NR solution makes China's power grid safe and stable

♦ NR is ready to provide a secure and stable solution for the global grid

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