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  • NR Electric supplies Automatic Generation Control (AGC) and Automatic Voltage Control (AVC) optional advanced functions for renewable energy Stations.AGC is used to automatically maintain the system frequency or the power flow of interconnection lines within the target range. AGC operates based on the control of each generation unit in the farm dynamically and continuously. It regulates the power generation according to the entire plant power generation plan or strategies.

    AVC is realized by controlling the reactive compensators installed in the power plant. In the control zone, reactive power or voltage control strategies are online calculated based on the real-time operation data of the power grid or the regulation targets given by the control center or grid dispatching center. Relying on the calculated strategies, reasonable reactive power or voltage operation states are realized through the automatic closed-loop control of the reactive power or voltage regulation equipment.

  • Features
    • AGC/AVC realizes the optimal states of the renewable energy stations or farms following the regulation plan and strategies in realtime, helping to guarantee the reliable and safe operation of the power system

    • AGC/AVC functions are developed based on the advanced and mature software platform. The advanced regulation system is developed based on NR Electric’s SOPHIC platform and can keep the whole system operate in a safe and stable way. The platform features advanced architecture, mature and stable performance and has been proven in many global key projects.

    • Based on visual logic programming technology, the logical process is clear and specific that it greatly shortens the debugging time and saves training time and cost.

    • Based on smart and optimal regulation processes, AGC/AVC reduces system power losses and extends the service life of renewable generation units.

    • The state information of AGC/AVC system, such as control block signals and standby power capacities, is transferred in realtime to the dispatching center or renewable power control center.

    • AGC/AVC can realize the monitoring and control of renewable generation and improve the utilization of the renewable energy.

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