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PCS-9705S Bay Control Unit
  • PCS-9705S bay control unit is a general-purpose control and automation device with protection functions in all substations, power plants and industrial domain applications. The modular conception permits the hardware adaption exact to client requirements. Furthermore, protection-class transformers are used so that protection functions are available. Due to its high flexibility, it is suitable as backup protection device for overhead lines and cables with single and multi-ended infeed.

  • Functions Measurement and Metering Monitoring Communication
    • Control, synchrocheck and switchgear interlocking

    • On load tap changing for transformer

    • DC analog input channel (ranges 4~20mA, ±5V are optional)

    • 10 setting groups

    • Flexibly configurable binary inputs (max. 284)

    • Flexibly configurable binary outputs (max. 83)

    • Setup of max.40 users and allow each user to own different password and access authority

    • Function shortcuts key, which can be configured by software tool and be fulfilled by key combination from devices' keypad, to execute express operations.

    • Clock synchronization using IRIG-B, SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol), PPS (Pulse-Per- Second) and PPM (Pulse-Per-Minute) , IEEE1588

    • Auxiliary functions for simple tests and commissioning

    • U, I, P, Q, Cos

    • Positive, negative and zero sequences

    • Max.15th harmonics

    • Energy metering (active and reactive energies for import and export)

    • Power Quality Supervision (PQS) with Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and current/voltage total demand distortion (TDD)

    • CT circuit failure Supervision (CTS)

    • VT circuit failure Supervision (VTS)

    • Self diagnostic

    • Powerful faults recording (max. buffer for 10,000 sampled points at 4.8 or 9.6 kHz)

    • Event recorder including 1024 change-of-state events, 1024 supervision events, 256 control logs and 1024 device logs

    • Disturbance recorder including 32 disturbance records with waveforms (format compatible with COMTRADE)

    • Single line diagram representation in display

    • Support of various protocols

    • Up to four 10Base-T/100Base-TX copper Ethernet ports

    • Up to four 100Base-FX optical Ethernet ports

    • Two RS-485 serial ports for communication or printer

    • One RS-485/TTL serial port for clock synchronization

    • RJ-45 debugging ports for both front and rear sides

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