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PCS-9705 Bay Control Unit
  • PCS-9705 Bay Control Unit (abbreviated as BCU) is used for bay level controlling and monitoring in power grid. It is suitable for application in Substation Automation System (abbreviated as SAS) with distributed control IEDs. 

    PCS-9705 can be applied into SAS via Ethernet network in using NR private 103 protocol or IEC 61850-8-1. It can also send/receive Generic Object Oriented Substation Event (abbreviated as GOOSE) message in station level network.

    PCS-9705 is designed for controlling and monitoring switchgears such as circuit breaker, disconnector, and earthing switch. Additionally, it supports tap changer control for transformer and shunt reactor.

  • Measurement & Control Monitoring Circuit Breaker Function Auxiliary Function Communication
    • AC analog input (Conventional CT/VT)

    • ŸAC digital input (Electronic CT/VT, IEC 61850-9-2)

    • ŸDC analog input

    • ŸDC analog output

    • ŸConfigurable binary input

    • ŸBinary output (normally open contact) for switch control and interlocking logic

    • CB closing synchronism-check 

    • ŸSwitch status supervision

    • ŸDevice power supply supervision

    • ŸVT circuit supervision (VTS)

    • ŸCT circuit supervision (CTS)

    • Auto-reclosing (79)

    • Voltage selection for closing synchronism check

    • Programmable interlocking logic

    • ŸGOOSE tripping (via IEC 61850-8-1)

    • ŸVoltage and current drift auto regulation

    • ŸSequence Of Event (SOE) recorder

    • ŸDisturbance & Fault Recorder (DFR)

    • ŸWaveform recorder

    • Multiple kinds of clock synchronization methods

    • ŸElectrical Ethernet ports conform to IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-5-103 protocols over TCP/IP

    • ŸOptical Ethernet ports conform to IEC 61850 and IEC 60870- 5-103 protocols over TCP/IP

    • ŸGOOSE and SV communication

    • ŸRS-485 port for clock synchronization

    • RS-232/RS-485 port for printer

    • ŸMultiplex RJ-45 port for debugging

    • ŸSupport of PRP/HSR network

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