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PCS-9726 Generation Management Unit
  • The PCS-9726A generation management unit is a protection, control and monitoring unit for the box-type transformer in a new energy substation (wind power, photovoltaic power etc.) on solidly grounded, impedance grounded, Peterson coil grounded and ungrounded system. It also provides communication management function and ring-net switch function. This device is suitable for wall surface mounted indoors or outdoors or flush mounted into a control panel.

    This device can support protection function, metering function and communication management function. The binary inputs and outputs of this device can be configured according to the demands of a practical engineering through the PCS-Explorer configuration tool auxiliary software, which can meet some special requirements of protection and control functions.

  • Functions
    The functions of this device include protective functions, management functions, auxiliary testing functions and communication management functions, and the functions of this device are listed in the following tables.

    Protective functions

    • 50P Instantaneous overcurrent protection

    • 51P Time overcurrent protection

    • 50G Instantaneous zero sequence overcurrent protection

    • 51G Time zero sequence overcurrent protection

    • 50Q Instantaneous negative sequence overvoltage protection

    • 51Q Time negative sequence overcurrent protection

    • 59P Overvoltage protection

    • 27P Undervoltage protection

    • 59G Zero sequence overvoltage protection

    • MR Mechanical protection

    • AI Analog inputs

    • Voltage and current drift auto adjustment

    • Self supervision

    • VTS Voltage transformer supervision

    • CTS Current transformer supervision

    • Binary inputs

    • Binary outputs

    Management functions

    • Metering

    • Circuit breaker status monitoring

    • Circuit breaker control

    • TCS  Tripping circuit supervision

    • Multiple setting groups

    • Control inputs

    • 64 protection operation reports

    • 1024 supervision alarm records

    • 1024 control operation records

    • 1024 user operation records

    • FDR 64 fault and disturbance records

    • SOE 1024 latest SOE records, latest records of the following elements state changing: operating abnormality alarm elements, supervision alarm elements, protection elements and binary input elements.

    • Rear communication ports: Ethernet, RS-485, Printer port

    • Time synchronization port: RS-485

    Auxiliary testing functions

    • Virtual tripping report generation and communication testing

    • Virtual self-supervision report generation and communication testing

    • Virtual binary input state change report generation and communication testing

    • Virtual metering values generation and communication testing

    Communication management and ring-net switch functions

    • Communication protocol conversion

    • Data acquisition of protections, smart meters and intelligent electronic devices

    • Communication with a SCADA system

    • Communication with a RTU

    • Communication state supervision of connected devices

    • Supports various communication protocols

    • Modification and synthesis of uplink information

    • Ring-net switch function

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