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PCS-COMM Configuration & Debugging Tool
  • The PCS series communication device is the new generation of communication device produced by NR Electric on the research of integrated automation system and site operation experience over years. The PCS-COMM configuration and debugging tool works as the associated auxiliary software. It is designed and developed on the basis of object-oriented technology, network-based database technology, cross-platform visual technology and the latest industrial standards, which can fully support IEC60870-5-103, IEC61850 and other international standards and to meet the configuration and debugging demands of communication device in traditional substation, digitalized substation and power plant.

  • Functions
    • Configuration and management of IED in station: This tool can configure all the IEDs connected to the PCS series communication device. And in the same time, user can view the configurations of all the IEDs through this tool.

    • Offline configuration function: The access and transfer rules of the PCS series communication device can be configured to meet the site requirements

    • Visual configuration of device: This graphical and symbolical tool is designed to facilitate the configuration of the PCS series communication device, most of the operations can be accomplished several clicks on the mouse.

    • Online debugging function: This tool integrates the download and debugging functions. The configured scheme can be downloaded to the corresponding PCS series communication device, and the device status can be viewed and debugged online through the tool.

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