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PCS-996R Disturbance Fault Recorder
  • The PCS-996R disturbance & fault recorder (DFR) is a multifunctional data acquisition system designed to address the data recording requirements of substations. It captures the curves of monitored quantities and aligns the values of different supervised objects to build disturbance records. The PCS-996R helps users simplify disturbance analysis by combining the discrete records in different protective relays.

    The disturbance & fault recording system architecture can be centralized or distributed based upon customers’ requests. DFRs can also be applied to a substation independently with a local computer and HMI software. The protocol for the with a local computer and HMI software communication network can be IEC 61850, FTP and IEC 60870- 5-103 based on LAN. GOOSE function is integrated to receive.

    Standard format

    PCS-996R DFRs are equipped with 48 analog channels and 60

    binary channels in one unit. Furthermore, it can be synchronized

    via an external time source.


    Triggered recording @ 9600Hz, for short-term transient process.

    Continuous recording @1200Hz, for mid-term dynamic process

    Slow recording @1 ~ 50Hz , for long-term power quality monitoring

    Extract recording @ 9600Hz, isolate fault channels automatically for information efficiency.

  • Recording Functions Auxiliary Function Communication
    • Initiating recording by AC voltage Phase voltage over upper limit

    ­Phase voltage under lower limit

    ­Sudden increase/decrease of phase voltage over limit

    ­Negative sequence voltage over upper limit

    ­Zero sequence voltage over upper limit

    ­Sudden change of zero-sequence over limit

    ­Frequency over upper limit

    ­Frequency under lower limit

    ­Absolute value of df/dt over limit

    • Initiating recording based on AC current out-of-limit Phase current over upper limit

    ­Sudden change of phase current over limit

    ­Negative sequence over upper limit

    ­Zero sequence over upper limit

    ­Sudden change of zero sequence over limit

    ­Power swing

    • Initiating recording based on binary input

    • Continuous recording (24hours of uninterrupted recording)

    • Self diagnostic test

    • Loss of DC power supply alarm

    • Hardware circuit online detection

    • Support IRIG-B time synchronization

    • 1 RJ45 Ethernet port complies with IEC60870-5-103 and IEC61850 protocol

    • 1 RS-485 serial port used for GPS time synchronization

    • 1 RS-232 serial port used to test and configure device

    • 1 Ethernet interface used for FTP service for continuous recording and real-time waveform display

    • Two fiber Ethernet ports which support IEC60870-5-103 and IEC61850 protocol (available for PCS-996R)

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