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PCS-996RC Disturbance Fault Recorder
  • PCS-996RC disturbance & fault recorder is mainly used for recording the dynamic fault process of power system. The DFR is composed of one control unit (PCS-996RC) and multiple acquisition units (PCS-996RA). The control unit is linked to the acquisition units via fiber optic cables in point-to-point communication mode.

    The control unit PCS-996RC is responsible for concentrating and monitoring of large array of quantities from different acquisition units.The acquisition unit PCS-996RA is responsible for sampling and synchronizing of analogue quantities and digital quantities.One control unit can connect with 1~4 acquisition units. Each of acquisition unit has 48 analog channels and 96 digital channels.

    Typical configuration:1 × PCS-996RC + 2 × PCS-996RA, with 96 analog channels and 192 digital channels

    Alternative configuration:1×PCS-996RC+ (1~4) × PCS-996RA, with (1~4)×48 analog channels and (1~4)×96 digital channels, up to 192 analog channels and 384 digital channels

  • Recording Functions Auxiliary Function Communication
    • Triggered recording

    Triggered according to the user defined or configured criteria for each channel

    Voltage and current variation

    Voltage and current over limit

    Imbalance of phases

    Frequency over limit and variation

    Power swing

    Binary input change

    Manual trigger

    Remote trigger

    • Continuous recording

    24hrs uninterrupted recording with recording rate 1000Hz for 50Hz system and 1200Hz for 60Hz system. One file per minute up to 7 days.

    • Long-term recording

    24hrs uninterrupted recording RMS values with recording rate 1Hz. One file per hour over 3 months.

    • Extract recording

    Automatically choose the channels of most probably fault component from triggered recording file and form a new COMTRADE file with smaller size for faster transmission and quick look. Usually with 4 channels of voltage, 4 channels of current and several digital channels.

    • Self diagnostic test

    • Loss of DC power supply alarm

    • Hardware circuit online detection

    • Support IRIG-B time synchronization

    • 3 RJ45 Ethernet port complies with IEC60870-5-103 and IEC61850 protocol

    • 1 RS-485 serial port used for GPS time synchronization

    • 1 RS-232 serial port used to test and configure device

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